8.5" Rope Bracelet made from Yarn Baseball Windings - ATL@WAS - M. Scherzer to O. Albies

Curveball Keepsakes

SKU: JC363963 BRBR 85S-1

These hand-braided rope bracelets are made with hand-dyed wool yarn from inside a baseball that was used in the September 13, 2017  game between the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals at Nationals Park in Washington DC.

Handmade from MLB-Authenticated Baseball #JC363963* https://www.mlb.com/official-information/authentication

  • Atlanta won the game 8-2 
  • This ball was thrown for the first 3 pitches of the game to Ozzie Albies, who drew a walk in the at-bat
  • This was the worst start of Scherzer's 2017 Cy Young Award winning season
  • This was Ozzie Albies' 166th career plate appearance of his rookie season

Notes about Curveball Keepsakes hand-braided rope bracelets

  • For best fit, choose a bracelet length that is 1.5" - 2" (4-5cm) longer than wrist circumference
  • Bracelets start out quite rigid and relax over time with wear
  • When they get wet the rope will tighten back up some - but we do not recommend submerging/swimming or bathing with them
  • A provenance card with the baseball details comes with every bracelet
  • Any bracelet can be shortened for a $5 fee. (They can not be lengthened.)
  • All bracelets are handmade in Washington state, USA

Specs for this Bracelet:

  • Length: 8.5"
  • Width of braid: 8mm
  • Clasp type: "Locking" Magnet
  • Clasp finish: Silver

*Please note that Curveball Keepsakes is not affiliated with MLB. We are members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and take great care to maintain the integrity of each baseball we acquire, sharing its original provenance plus our additional research with each piece we sell.