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Commemorate and share cherished memories of big hits, great games, or memorable seasons - and earn money for West Plains Little League with Curveball Keepsakes!

What are Curveball Keepsakes?

Regardless of whether our kids' careers top-out in little leagues or the big leagues, our memories created around baseball and softball diamonds are deeply cherished. Through the game, we create community, take care of each other and cheer each other on. We root hardest for the underdogs. We share joy and sorrow, and feel immense pride.
We often keep baseballs and softballs to remember our biggest moments, games, or seasons. More often than not, they are placed on a shelf, and despite our intent of preserving the memory, the balls themselves are soon forgotten. At best, they become filler in a busy trophy case. At worst ... they become dog toys!
We think the dog is onto something!
At Curveball Keepsakes, we deconstruct your special baseballs and softballs to harvest all of the raw materials. We then combine the leather, lacing, and yarn windings with locally-sourced and precious metal-plated settings to create a wide range of jewelry and gifts that capture the lifetime of memories you've created around the ball field.
YOUR keepsakes won't just preserve the memory - they'll capture the emotions...all of them! 
Curveball Keepsakes make perfect gifts for family, players, and coaches!


How does Curveball Keepsakes support West Plains Little League?

When you order one of our two custom packages using the special West Plains Little League Partner Code (WPLL1), we will donate part of the proceeds back to your league!

Here's how your Curveball Keepsakes earn valuable funding for West Plains Little League:
  • Order the "Cover" Package to earn $6
  • Order the "Rope" Package to earn $9
  • Large or team orders exceeding $1,000 will earn 9% of the total sale
  • Select Option "WPLL1" when ordering either package
  • Dedicated support throughout the ordering process
  • When you see us at a WPLL event, 9% of our sales that day will be donated - up to $150 per event!
  • No Limit to how much the organization can earn!!

Have questions? E-Mail us at info@curveballkeepsakes.com