Fundraising Programs

At Curveball Keepsakes, we’ve logged many hours at the ballpark, making friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Our experience in Little League has taught us that baseball and softball have the ability to teach far more than the traditional values of dedication and teamwork.

We’ve seen kids with disabilities get a chance to feel “normal,” and girls and boys playing on the same teams. We’ve seen troubled kids who need a role model respond positively to a good coach, and talented players blossom into prospects.  But most importantly, we’ve seen communities come together every spring and summer to support one another around the baseball and softball diamond.

After learning these lessons as kids, it’s no surprise to see so many players give back through charitable organizations and foundations of their own, once they turn pro. When we see (or feel) how special a pro ballplayer can make a kid feel by simply tossing them a ball, it’s hard not to recognize the tremendous platform the game provides them to make a meaningful impact beyond the field too.

Our humble mission at Curveball Keepsakes is to simply share our love of the game. Whether you’re a Little League volunteer or a Major Leaguer with even bigger ambitions, we recognize your mission as much more important – to unite us and strengthen our communities.

Giving back to your 501c3 organization is how we choose to give back to the game. How does it work?

  • Youth Leagues and Programs
    • Curveball Keepsakes make great gifts for players, coaches, and families
    • Whether it’s to capture a big hit, a great game, or a memorable season, we have two customizable packages available to turn special baseballs and softballs into wearable, shareable gifts
    • We’ll donate up to $9 from each package purchased from within your organization
    • Earn an additional $150 per event through our on-site sales, while we help you create a memorable experience at Tournaments, Jamborees, Opening Day
  • Pro Players and Teams
    • Keepsakes made from your used baseballs will be cherished by your biggest fans
    • Allow us to create merchandise for your online store or auctions
    • Several ways to earn revenue for your charitable foundation

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