Your Baseball - Custom "Rope Package"

Curveball Keepsakes


Curveball Keepsakes make great gifts for family members, players, and coaches! 


Preserve and share your special baseballs to commemorate a great play, a big game, or an unforgettable season.


After the cover of your baseball is removed, swatches of leather will be hand-punched, cemented into precious metal or stainless steel settings, and brushed with acrylic and/or resin to preserve and share your memorable moments from the diamond. 

If It's suitable for your desired project, the yarn windings from inside the baseball will be hand-dyed and hand-braided into rope for one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces.

You will receive up to THREE handmade items from your ball, with more available at special a' la carte pricing.


1. Decide on the first three (3) items that you’d like made from your baseball or softball
     a. Want more than three items?
          i. Our product catalog includes a' la carte pricing to help you stay within your budget
          ii. Need more help? Contact us at and we will be happy to assist!
          iii. Discount for orders with 10+ a' la carte items

2. Place your order by selecting the package of your choice (Leather-Only or w/ Dyed Yarn) and checking out. (*REMEMBER to select your league/organization affiliation if you are ordering through our Partner Program.)
     a. Once we receive your order, we will contact you within 2 business days to review and confirm your order and preferences

3. Send us your ball.
     a. Curveball Keepsakes - 8413 NE 144th PL Kirkland WA, 98034
     b. Insurance is recommended

4. Once your ball is received and deconstructed, we will contact you with a production estimate
     a. If chosen, we will also give you an update on the feasibility of the yarn at this time*
     b. Production time can vary greatly, between 2-4 weeks

5. We will send you a final invoice via Square for any balance due on a' la carte items + Shipping/Handling
     a. Once payment is received, we will ship your Keepsakes and remains of your ball within 2 business days

*Yarn in non-professional balls varies greatly and may be unsuitable for dying and/or braiding. If the yarn from your ball cannot be used, you may choose the leather-only package instead and will be refunded the difference.

  • This package is not available for Softballs, which do not typically have yarn in them
  • The number of items that can be made from each ball will vary
  • For orders of 10+ total items, your first FOUR items will be included in the package price.
  • A $20 per-ball processing fee will be charged for each additional ball needed to complete large and/or team orders 
  • If you have questions prior to placing an order, please contact us at